There are many options available for travelers to get around in the Eastern European country of Ukraine. Travelers can opt to use public transportation such as buses, trams, and metros in the big cities. Taxis are available in some areas, and there is also the option to hitchhike, although this can be risky and is not suggested. Driving by car is another option that has some pros but will cost significantly more than the other options.

Public Transportation in Ukraine

Most of the public transit systems in Ukraine are heavily used and are usually crowded. Travelers should expect to be in close contact with other people when using public transit in Ukraine and are advised to “assert themselves” on a public transit ride.

To ride a bus in Ukraine, one must buy a ticket. This ticket will only be valid for the trip described. Almost every bus ticket in Ukraine will be one way. It is almost unheard of to obtain a round trip, transfer, day or timed ticket in Ukraine.

Trolleys and trams work much like buses. Tickets are purchased and are valid only for the trip described. For both buses, trams, and trolleys, the ticket must be punched or ripped by the conductor. Failure to have a ticket punched or ripped by the conductor could result in a fine on the spot. The best way to purchase bus, trolley and tram tickets is directly from the conductor or driver.

Ukraine’s largest cities have metro systems. Instead of a ticket, riders must purchase a token at a window. The operating time of metros in Ukraine is usually from 5:30 AM to midnight.


Taxis are ordered by phone in Ukraine but require a Ukrainian sim card so that the cab driver or company can text you the details of the arrival time and plate number. Travelers thinking of using a cab company are advised to have a hotel reserve a cab for them if possible. Hotels usually use reliable taxi companies with set rates.

Motor Vehicles

Driving in a motor vehicle is a good option if one is planning one driving from one major city to another. Roads connecting the large cities are in good condition. The roads outside of the major cities can be quite poor and even dangerous.

Drivers should have an international driving permit and have their vehicle insured. Failure to have a license and insurance can result in fines and legal trouble. Other important rules to consider if driving by car is that there is a zero drinking and driving policy in Ukraine, and there are speed limits in the towns and highways that must be obeyed.