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Robert Bensh is a well-known executive within the Oil, Energy, and Finance industries currently living in Houston, Texas. His impressive career has spanned across 25 years. Now serving as the Senior Managing Partner at Pelicourt, LLC, Robert is tasked with maintaining a global reach for his company through partnerships and new opportunities. Bensh is very passionate about what he does here in the United States, but has spent quite a bit of time abroad that has inspired him. Robert has worked with partners from many countries including Australia, England and South America. But it was his time spent in Ukraine that had an intense influence on him, as Bensh now has acquired a great appreciation of the industry in the Ukrainian market.

Robert Bensh has crafted partnerships with several well-known corporations over the course of his career. Through these partnerships, Robert continues to help develop the oil and gas sectors of each business relationship in order to grow their reach and industry standings as well. Before starting with the Pelicourt, LLC, team, Bensh also spent time in various industries supplemental to the oil and gas industry. Through these opportunities, Bensh became proficient in the building funds, acquisitions, and raising and managing capital.

Robert Bensh received his Bachelors of Science degree from Arizona State University, where he studied both History and Political Science. He later returned to ASU to work towards his Master of Arts Degree in Global Security. Not to be outdone, Robert also graduated from the University of Toronto within the Directors Education Program with the Institute of Corporate Directors, a program that focused on corporate governance and board directors. With all of these skills under his belt, Robert felt strongly about making a major impact within the energy business through his business endeavors, but always kept his finger on the political pulse of the industry as well. He expertly mastered the balance between the technical side of the energy industry and the political and economic risks that come with the territory. This sweet spot has been where Robert has spent the bulk of his career.

Bensh currently has no political aspirations but does have a great understanding of the impact of the oil and energy industries against the global economy. He has not only studied the news and markets extensively but has lead several discussions on policy within the energy industry. These discussions involved both local interest and interest abroad, with a heavy following in Ukraine.

Because he is such a trusted member of the oil, gas, and energy industries, many commentators have sought Bensh’s attention for advise on the market. One television station in Ukraine has even tapped Robert Bensh to be an advisor on all energy policy discussions. Ukraine holds great opportunities for the oil, gas, and energy industry. For this reason, Bensh has taken an interest in helping to shape the market for the best possible results. Through his 25 years of industry knowledge and his ability to analyze patterns and then forecast, Robert has been seen as an invaluable member of the global security industry as it relates to oil and gas needs worldwide.

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