Sports are an important part of the Ukraine culture, with many citizens participating in the sports or at least watching them regularly. While many of the popular sports in Ukraine extend back to the times of the Soviet Union, some are newer to the country.



The majority opinion in Ukraine is that football is the most popular sport in the country. There was a time when the national football team was at the top, winning games and earning trophies. Aside from their professional football teams, the men in Ukraine also have amateur leagues and often play just for fun.



Ukraine’s national boxing team has won many high-level competitions and has world-famous boxers on the roster.



Many years ago, Ukraine received two gold medals and one bronze medal in three different years of the Olympics. While it has been many years since an Olympic win for a Ukraine volleyball team, there is a Ukraine team called Lokomotiv who has become famous all over Europe for their championship wins. Additionally, there are many amateur volleyball leagues and even a large number of beach volleyball leagues in Ukraine.



A women’s team won the European Cup for handball 13 separate times and has been successful all over the world. The sport is popular among both men and women, and competitions are ongoing.



One popular Ukraine sport that doesn’t lead back to the Soviet Union is basketball, which has thrived in Ukraine since it achieved independence. Now, there are professional leagues that participate in championships and internationally. Many amateurs play the sport for fun, too, and it is a popular sport for friends to get together and bond over.


Ice hockey

Having eight professional hockey teams, ice hockey has become one of the biggest sports in Ukraine. There are also many amateur leagues to join and watch.



Ukraine has 15 of the world’s top rugby team. They also have many players who play professionally in the elite league in France. They also hold an amateur tournament for boys between the ages of 12 and 17, which runs over with players from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Latvia.