When it comes to Ukraine, the architecture is something of a remarkable marvel. Evolving in such a diverse and unique fashion over centuries, there are numerous architectural styles on offer all over the country. Over 30, to be precise, which are all more than adept at reflecting the different stages of the country’s formation.

Soviet Architecture

As it spent much of its life under the Iron Curtain, Ukraine is definitely a place through which to discover some of the phenomenal Soviet architecture of the time. You can’t miss the fascinating 20th century buildings, most of which make up the major establishments and venues of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city. Buildings like the TSUM shopping mall or the Hotel Salut are not to be missed, nor are the “plate” or “flying saucer” stylings of the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information.


Some of the Ukrainian mansions are a major point of interest to visitors and locals alike, many of which carry fascinating stories along with their enthralling architecture. The House with Chimeras in Kiev is a perfect example of such architecture, and many tell the legend of its creation as a monument to the architect’s drowned daughter. Another great example is the House of the Weeping Widow; an Art Nouveau building built in the early 20th century. The Chocolate House, built in the 19th century, shows off Baroque, Revival, Gothic, Moorish, Art Nouveau and Russian characteristics.

Cathedrals and Churches

In the capital city alone there are somewhere around 950 cathedrals and churches alone, constructed from 11th century and the times of the Kievan Rus until today. Some notable examples include the Saint Andrew’s Church, a wonderful example of 18th century Baroque style, or the early 11th century Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, or the Gothic Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Byzantine Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral.


Ukraine has many amazing theaters showcasing all sorts of architectural styles. The absolute pick when it comes to the most beautiful theatres that Ukraine has to offer has to be the National Opera of Ukraine. Dating all the way back to 1091, the National Opera of Ukraine is one of the countries top tourist attractions, amazing visitors and locals alike for centuries.