Ukraine is known for its history, tourist sites, and scenery. Although many people are aware of these features, many are unaware of the diverse animal life that the country offers. Ukraine has a wide variety of animal life, including nearly 350 species of birds, over 100 species of mammals, and more than 200 species of fish. Although some of the species are endangered, many people are striving to save the creatures by creating nature reserves or launching informational campaigns.


Some of Ukraine’s hoofed mammals include wild pigs, roe deer, elk, and mouflons. Mouflons are a type of wild sheep with reddish-brown coats with dramatic, curled horns. Typical predators for the area are foxes, martens, wildcats, and wolves. Ukraine also contains an incredible range of rodents from tiny field mice to gophers to even wild hamsters. 

In an attempt to protect at-risk mammals such as the onager and Przewalski’s horse, the country has created wildlife refuges. They have also launched breeding programs for endangered species. 

Introduced or nonnative species of mammals include beavers, raccoons, muskrats, and silver foxes.  


Ukraine is also home to many species of bird. The main species are owls, culls, partridges, and grouses. 

Some of the country’s birds, such as ducks, geese, and storks, migrate during seasonal changes. During the summers, these birds live and breed in the inland area. During the winter, they head to the Pacific coastlines where they stay until March. 

One unique species is the Yellow-Billed loon. The largest species of the diver family, this bird dwells in freshwater and saltwater coastlines in tundra regions. These birds have white and yellow stripes on their chest and neck, as well as large spots on their backs. 


Ukraine isn’t just home to animals and birds. The country’s bodies of water contain fish such as perch, bream, barbels, catfish, carp, sterlets, and eels. The country is home to six different types of sturgeon. Unfortunately, five out of the six types of sturgeon are facing extinction. The fish only reproduce once every few years, and are having difficulty finding safe spawning spots. Human intervention has destroyed many spawning spots along the river. Some Ukraninans have created a campaign to help protect the fish. 

Many animals, birds, and fish call Ukraine’s landscape, sky, and rivers home. People around the world appreciate these unique creatures.